Media Events and Automotive Promotions

“People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Campaign features:

  • Quality of the program
  • Practical approach
  • Tailored to the needs of the brand
  • National and regional tours
  • Turn-key programs or logistical support

Focused on:

  • Participants' Experience with your brand
  • New technologies and how they improve product performance, comfort and safety
  • Enhancement of the products
  • Connecting features, advantages and benefits for the audience
  • Examples of safe and efficient driving to describe the vehicle features, benefits and attributes


  • General public, Client Brand Experience 
  • Medias events


Consumer test-drive events
This program brings the product to the general public within well targeted cultural, sports or private events. In collaboration with your marketing team, Synergyk will elaborate comparative test-drives that will put forward the strengths of the chosen vehicles with the tailored corporate messages.

This program can last one day for on-site intercept programs or spread out on several days for invitational and cross promotions campaigns at a national or regional level.

Media Events
The media events enable members of the press to test drive the products on a track or pre-determined road. The program is designed to present the product in an appropriate, controlled, and pleasant environment that to demonstrate its key features, attributes and benefits. Synergyk’s expertise and attention to detail is what guarantees good press coverage. Moreover, Synergyk takes care of planning the meetings with the press and of press conferences.

Synergyk gives you all the necessary logistic support you require.

Case Studies

Consumer Test Drive Program

Since 1999, Synergyk has planned and managed consumer Test Drive Event for VIP clients of two leading automotive manufacturers. Each event was tailored to put forth key characteristics of the products and enhance consumer experience and brand appeal. On average, over 1200 qualified sales leads are generated with this program, each year.

Results :

  • Generated qualified sales leads
  • Higher level of consumer awareness and customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of the manufacturer’s marketing team results

Media Events

An automobile manufacturer recently contracted our services to create a unique experience for the media and introduce their latest technologies. A very interesting and scenic route was developed to lead journalists to a premium venue for a gastronomic lunch in glorious surroundings. The drive included a very informative dynamic segment on a closed course.

The mandate for SYNERGYK was to design a program that presented and demonstrated the efficiency of the product. To reach our client’s objectives, emphasis was placed on the creation of a drive route with segments that highlighted specific components on all type of roads, including; tarmac, gravel and slippery surfaces.

Results :

  • Increase in technology comprehension and understanding
  • Increase in Brand notoriety
  • Preparation of every program detail in close collaboration with the client

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