Professional Training

"The only source of knowledge is experience" ~ Albert Einstein

Features of the training programs:

  • Quality of the programs
  • Practical hands-on approach
  • Adapted to the needs of the company
  • Possibility of national and regional tours

Focused on:

  • New technologies and how they improve the comfort, security and performance of the vehicle.
  • Consumer needs and demands in relation to the vehicle features, attributes and benefits.
  • Demonstration and hands-on experience of the product’s features, attributes and benefits with emphasis on safe and efficient driving.

Target Public

  • Management, sales reps, customer service and support staff of automotive dealerships and tire manufacturers.

Training Programs

In-Dealership program
The in-dealership program is similar to the target market program but adapted to a more private audience and tailored message. The program’s goals are to help the sales representatives of the dealership to fully understand all of the vehicle’s features, attributes and benefits; furthermore, to be able to present its best assets to the customers. This program applies to every dealership in North America.

Target Market program
Its main objective is to ensure that the sales representatives have the necessary tools to relate the product features, attributes and benefits to the needs and demands of a specific consumer profile. The onsite training offers your team the opportunity to learn from product specialists’ key information about the product and how to relate that to the client in a relevant and tangible way. Our approach combines interactive classes with practical vehicle demonstrations with the participants.

Case Studies

National OEM Tire Replacement Program geared towards Canadian dealerships.

We trained over 200 Technical Advisors and Parts and Services Directors from more than 40 dealerships across Canada. Theoretical courses and dynamic road exercises illustrated the various characteristics of each tire and their respective assets.

Results :
A better understanding and integration of the information regarding the products leads to:

  • Increased benefits
  • Loyalty towards the product
  • Higher staff satisfaction
  • Decreased turnover


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