"We must use time creatively — and forever realize that the time is always to hope to do great things." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 

May it be Product & Sales Training Programs, Automotive Promotions and / or Corporate Special Events; Synergyk organizes and executes the events that you dream of...stress-free.

Not only can we take care of every “automotive” detail, we can also provide you the logistics support for the achievement of successful programs. Whether you require a turn key project management or support for you events.

  • We staff all aspects of an event including ; professional presenters, drivers, production staff and event management experts
  • We create lasting memories through experiences and memorable drive events
  • We will give you as much or as little support as you require for;
    • Participant registration
    • Public-opinion polls and surveys
    • Vehicle acquisition
    • Transport & Freight
    • Venues, audio-visual, food & beverages, promo items, uniforms, etc.

Personalized and Customized Industry Training Programs

These "Live" training programs are directed towards the management, sales force and dealership fixed operations staff to improve their understanding of technological innovations and products offering. The knowledge of each vehicle’s features, advantages and benefits along with a better integration of state-of-the-art technology that are necessary to improve the customer experience.

The programs combine highly interactive in class seminars with practical hands-on dynamic training on closed courses, on roads or even off-roads.

We offer all the planning and logistical support you need for your Ride & Drive:

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Media Events and Promotions

We build passion while putting your guests one-on-one with your brand. 

Experiential events are an excellent way to provide an exciting environment and highly effective method of getting your guests to interact personally with your brand. We provide quality and measurables to unique one-on-one brand experiences.

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Corporate Events

We manage and execute impressive road and track Corporate Drive Events that help build new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Let us help you make your guests feel special from the moment they get the invitation to the moment they leave the event.

  • Strengthen key client relationships
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Produce spectacular events

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